Development Strategists International Consulting or DSI-Consulting is a development strategy, training and operations consulting firm that serves clients worldwide who require development assistance to catalyze societal and national progress.

As developing countries search for ways to reach to intense developmental pressures in the next decade, DSI-Consulting offers a unique group of dynamic state-of-the-art expert consultancy and research services to help clients develop high performance capacities and ensure sustainable developments.

We facilitate development of strategies and the execution of systems that reduce process time and cost, stream information flow, speed up decision-making process, and maintain a strong management organization structure. Our expert consulting service spans both technical and cultural issues. We deliver by integrating six key areas: strategy, process, structure, staffing and skills, culture, and performance rewards systems. We facilitate teams and provide the catalytic action that motivates team members. Clients learn to sustain the process, gaining ownership required for success.

Our Mission

DSI Consulting is an innovative and dynamic organization that is committed to develop and deliver strategic solutions to enhance the long term impact and sustainability of programs and projects of governments, communities and other organizations.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and most trusted resource for the consulting and research services that enhance development and better life through continuous quality improvement driven by integrity, teamwork and innovation.